Random Cam Story:

As usual when I was traveling I was sitting in my hotel room working. I finished my work while drinking a beer or two, as the tingling feeling started to grow. In my suitcase I had packed my outfits and my toys ready for some hotel room action. Although; action meant myself, porn and self-satisfaction.

I took a shower and washed away all the dullness of a day on travel. I was stroking my cock and balls gently feeling the hairless skin glowing, and my cock started to grow. Since I was eager to save up for a massive load I finished the shower and started to get dressed.

The black panties felt good, and putting on the matching bra as well. Nothing beats the feeling of rolling up the stay-up stockings and feeling the cool sensation of nylon stockings on my shaved legs. I could not decide if I was going for the leather pants or a dress, so I walked around in the room with my black knee-high boots. I love the sound of the heels clicking against the floor.

I took a sip of the white wine I had ordered. To be honest, it was 3-4-5 sips.

I decided to put a black wrap-around dress on, that ended just over my knees. I was looking at my self in the mirror, and the growing bulge under the dress was starting to be visible. After some more of the cold wine I put on the blonde wig, and sat down in front of the computer.

Logging into the usual site where I advertised that I was dressed and ready for some cam action.

It didn't take long before the invites came in large numbers. I was not alone spending the night in hotel in front of the computer. I put on my opera-style mask, and opened chat windows with several other guys, some dressed, some not, started to chat with me.

More or less all of them presenting their delicious dicks, hard and big in the cam window. I posed a little in front of the camera, showing my boots, dress and lifting the dress just enough for the stocking top to be exposed. To my pleasure I saw the dicks being beaten in a faster and faster tempo. I was stroking my growing cock over the dress, and adjusted the desk lamp to improve the picture.

I was so horny I could burst, but I still avoided pulling out my cock. They guys were begging, but I wanted to wait as long as possible. I stood up and walked over to the suitcase to fetch my dildo. I simply wanted to feel my butt being filled properly. The suction on the dildo stuck nicely to the large mirror in the hallway and I turned the computer so the camera captured both me and the mirror.

First I lubricated the dildo, and then I started to finger myself to moisten and widen my hole. The warming effect of the lubricant sent shivers through my body. Standing on all four I backed onto the dildo. First it didn't fit, but I pushed until I opened and let the big rubber dick just inside me. The sensation is fantastic. Now I slowly were able to get in further in until I was having the full thing in my hole.

The watchers went crazy, and ejaculating the one after the other. I loved seeing their cum on their balls, stomachs and even some on their nylons. One guy was left, slowly stroking his cock. He was dressed in tanned stockings, white pumps and a leather pencil skirt. He was looking very familiar, until I realized that it was the background that was the familiar part. He was in the same hotel as me.

His brunette wig was flowing over something that looked like a lycra mask with holes for the eyes and the mouth. I wrote and asked if he was in the same hotel. He nodded, and wrote that he wanted to come over and fuck me until he came in my ass.

I didn't know what to say, as I had not been with a man. I emptied a full glass of wine, and responded with my room number. Completely shocked of my own behavior , I started to shake. Two minutes later it knocked on the door.

I looked through the peep hole to see. The mask was gone, but the rest was the same. "Are you going to let me in?" he said with s strict voice. I opened the door and he walked in. He looked first on the wet and tempting dildo still hanging on the mirror, before he turned to me and evaluated me top to bottom. "you look good", he said. I thanked him, and said that he was very sexy.

He walked over to me, took my hand and led me towards the mirror. His other hand started to stroke my ass, and sliding up and down my thighs. My cock erected in a second. "Well, well", he said. "Seems like someone is ready for some action". Before I was able to react he sat me down on the bed, and unzipped his skirt letting it fall to the floor. While he stepped out of it his big, hard cock was barely covered by his pink string panties. He flipped it out, and placed the tip on my lips. I opened my mouth and he pushed himself into my wet and warm mouth.

I had never sucked a cock before, but I started to lick him and sucking the head of his cock. Fondling his balls with my hands, it seemed well received. He started to moans, but I kept sucking. His cock was wet and glazed in my saliva. Suddenly he pulled out, and pushed me backwards so I was on my back in the bed. He kneeled, and started to lick my balls while he was fingering my lubricated hole. After a short time he rose, and directed his large cock towards my hole.

The warmth was something completely different. He slid slowly into me, but his cock was bigger than my dildo. The pain and pleasure was enormous, but the pain was replaced by a feeling I had never felt before. Faster and faster he was pounding my butthole, while grabbing my hips. Out of the blue he growled, and pulled out spraying his massive load onto my ass, stockings and dress.

"Damn, that was great" he said. Me, laying in bed, sprayed in cum. Feeling used. And I loved it.

He rolled me over on my back and took my cock, wanked it a couple of times before I came over my chest. He smiled and started to rub my sperm and his over my chest, cock before he took his sperm clad fingers and asked me to lick them clean. Which I did.

I was completely satisfied.

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